Sunday, June 14, 2009

False Creek on a Saturday

Yesterday (Saturday), I decided to take a walk along False Creek starting at the winter olympic village currently still under construction but well advanced. From there I took the seaside walk on the north side ending at 2nd beach in Stanley Park (the walkway continues, I just decided to end the walk there!). These are some of the photos I took along the way. The first two photos were taken from a higher vantage point. As you can see by the clarity of the pics, it can get rather humid in these parts. This area is part of the temperate rainforest for good reason!

A couple of barges were brought in a while ago to bring construction material closer to where the work was being carried out. The top pic shows the olympic village in the background and the lower photo has ScienceWorld and highrise condos in the background.

At the winter olympic village (2010) still under construction many of the plantings have been completed. These plantings are suited to dry conditions as you can see.

Since it was a Saturday, some work was going on (see above). Thats Yaletown in the background in the photo below with another interesting planting in the foreground. There is another view below that of Yaletown as seen from the village.

Plenty of people were out walking, running or cycling. Above is a cyclist checking out what I was photographing with a closer view of the cyclist below. I'm looking at getting a bike myself, probably next year. Its been years since I rode one but I still know how. Its not been that long ago!

On the north side of False Creek you can get another excellent vantage point to view the village.

The seaside walk on the north side of False Creek had plenty of activity too and it was the first time on that route for me. I've taken plenty of walks along the southern route. Thats another scene of Yaletown in the photo above and those below.
I followed along behind this hot dude above (and pic below) for a bit before I continued on along the seaside route. Should we be in shape, yes, and can we be devilishly handsome, yes to that as well!

Above is another view along the walk in Yaletown. To my right off the photo, a wedding party was being photographed, a beautiful day for both a wedding and taking photos! In hindsight I should have taken atleast one photo of the photographer at work. What do you think?
The last photo, take a close look at what appears below the railing. There's a whole string under the railing that I haven't photographed but I plan to next time and post the results. As I approached Sunset Beach while continuing along the route westward, I noticed a guy taking photos from just behind a planting along the walk. He wasn't taking photos of the plants but was taking pics of the scene on the north side of the walk: people in various stages of dress! Some were even nude! One guy was wearing a bow around his penis and not much else. Some had tattoos, etc., but there was nothing particularly interesting to take photos of, for me at any rate. As I mentioned at the beginning, I ended my walk at the 2nd beach (I was getting tired by that point!) and so continued on off that walk and along the west side of Lost Lagoon and then back into town to complete my last errand before heading home on the SkyTrain. I hope you've enjoyed this little tour and the photos! More to come!!! - V.

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