Monday, June 8, 2009


On my way back to the Lost Lagoon and downtown Vancouver I took the Tatlow Trail through the park. I always find the antics and activities of birds and animals interesting. Above, a grey squirrel played what seems to us as peek-a-boo but when it realized I had no food for it (its all about the food you know!), the squirrel went on its way.
I tried out some of the early salmonberries (above, related to the blackberries) but they're a bit tart yet. The birds (and others) have wasted no time in trying them just the same.

Then I took photos of a mallard duck (hen, the female) taking in some grit. She was very patient about the whole thing. They use the grit to grind their food as part of the digestion process. After that I ended up at the north end of the lagoon and headed on into the downtown to complete the last errand before heading home. - V.

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