Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Weather is improving

The weather here in the lower mainland has been improving over the last couple of weeks. Saturday was especially nice with bright sunny skies and a temperature of 19 degrees Celsius. Sunday was nice too, just a bit cooler. I went for a walk along Stanley Park's seawall both days (Saturday and Sunday). On Saturday I saw a couple of guys out on their seadoos near Siwash Rock and on Sunday a guy went for a dip at the Third Beach. Although the air temperature is great, the water is still to cold, so he must have been a rather harty soul to brave the cold water.

A friend joined me on Sunday where we followed the seawall from the main beach at English Bay to the Third Beach and then headed into the park along the trail. We saw an eagle's nest high up a tree and a bald eagle on an upper branch at the top of the tree (fir tree I believe). The seawall and parts of the park were closed most of last year because of detruction caused by a winter storm late in 2006. The devastation could still be seen in the area where this tree was found. There are new trails further back from the edge of the cliff overlooking Burrard Inlet and English Bay. The area where the old trails are is likely too unstable for the time being. We hooked back up with the seawall beyond Prospect Point. There is a great view there of Burrard Inlet, English Bay and the various mountains to the north, such as Hollyburn Mountain, Grouse Mountain, etc. Both days were great for getting plenty of exercise and fresh air since I spend most of the work day as a concierge sitting behind a desk.

Afterwards it was off to the local Starbucks (Denman & Davie Streets) for blossom white tea and a sandwich in my case and something else from Delaney's (Denman) in my friend's case before heading home. Enjoy your lovely spring weather where you are or enjoy it when it does come. - Volker

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