Saturday, April 26, 2008


Well, today has been a productive day in a sense.  The day started off slowly though.  I slept in until after 9 am, showered, had breakfast and then got caught up with the few emails that came in since yesterday.  This afternoon I went over to the new apartment  complex in New Westminster to sign the lease and pick up the keys for the suite.  Before I left the building I went through the checklist given to me to record the state of the apartment at the time it was taken.  There were a few minor things but for the most part everything was in good order.

Now I am back at my room in Burnaby, had supper and am contemplating what to do this evening.  A friend in Vancouver had asked me to come over but since nothing has been definitely decided on that front, I will wait until I hear something from him.  His computer has also been acting "wacky" lately and that doesn't bode well for proper communications either since we IM each other.

Yesterday I posted series of video clips regarding Aussiebum and Andrew Christian underwear, some wrestling clips and some other videos as well.  I've long had an interest in both underwear and swimwear which some would say was a fetish.  Everyone has a fetish of some sort even if they don't admit it to their friends or family.

The wrestling clips remind me of the days when I was still in high school.  That was a long time ago:  September 1969 - January 1975!  I went to two different secondary school in that period:  Westminster and Saunders Secondary Schools, both in London, Ontario.  It was at the first school that we had wrestling class during gym period.  I remember being paired up with a guy a bit heavier than me and not particularly appealing as far as I was concerned.  I would often end up on the bottom.  We also had basketball and even a try at gold, though the latter didn't appeal to me either.  There was even a sexual education class which back then didn't consider anything else but straight sex and avoided all the others  like gay and lesbian sex altogether.  Things have come along way since then but there are still many improvements to be made in making society more accepting of others, regardless of race, nationality or sexual orientation.  Now the younger generation is more enlightened and accepting than the generation I grew up with or the generation mine was raised by.  Today they'll discuss anything but back then you didn't even open the matter with our parents (taboo) and our own generation wasn't as enlightened then as they are now.  Then the age of the computer and internet makes most any form of information available.  Now there is no excuse for not knowing.  And while most of my friends are straight, some are also gay and lesbian plus being from a variety of backgrounds.

Enough on that for now.  Let me go back to washing my supper down with a cold beer or two.  The temperature reached near 14 degrees Celsius, so the beer tastes particularly good under these conditions.  Rain is in the forecast for Sunday.  The cloud cover is already moving in but it will still be warm enough at 13 degrees.  More later.  -  Volker

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