Monday, April 7, 2008

More on horoscopes

Last week the weekly paper called the West End [WE] had an interesting horoscope prediction for the week of April 3-9/2008 [Free Will Astrology].

Leo (July 23-Aug.22)
The feats you're pulling off may not appear spectacular to a casual observer. But in my view, they are some of the most interesting accomplishments you've enjoyed in a while. Here's a brief a brief description of some of your subtly glorious break-throughs: 1. You've made yourself less susceptible to being manipulated by guilt or pushed around by bullies, 2. You're getting smarter about how you treat the people and things you love, 3. You're at the peak of your ability to discern the difference between rash risks motivated by fear and smart gambles driven by authentic intuition.

In general these could apply to anyone and is why I would prefer drawing up a natal chart based upon the place, date and time of birth rather than the generalities presented in daily or weekly horoscopes. My own birth date is August 14th born at 7:10 pm in Bruchsal, Germany. The book that I used to draw up my chart (and the chart itself) is in storage until the end of the month. When my belonging come out of storage, I plan to review my own chart and draw one up for my friend Brad, who is a Gemini and born June 17th (May 21-June 20). Since he is born in the cusp, the sign Cancer (June 21-July 22) has influence. However, a natal chart is like a blue print or map of what is ahead in life. Obsticles can be overcome and predictions are based upon current human actions. Changes in these actions may change the outcome for the future. Also, personal predictions have greater leaway than say those for the collective, or humans beings in general.

I would like to hear from Brad and then find out more particulars on him for drawing up a natal chart. More on this subject later. Feel free to comment. - Volker

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