Monday, April 21, 2008


Yesterday I was thinking about relationships, whether with friends, a significant other, business partners, and how important they are to all of us in keeping us sane. It's important to keep an honest, open dialogue with those that we hold important in our lives to maintain this relationship. Humans are a very social creature by nature, so I believe we would become "insane" in time without this social interaction.

The past few posts have been dwelling on the physical beauty of humans (i.e. male) but there is also an inner beauty that many times defies desciption. Those of us that are capable and estute enough to have a gut feeling or intuition regarding another person, regardless of gender or sexual orientation, are gifted and truely are honour-bound to make this a better world for everyone. I believe this is the point in the most recent video clip of Matt Dallas and the troubled young man. It doesn't really matter who the young man opens up, whether male or female, but it does matter in the long term in order to release the demons of the past, deal with the trauma and move forward letting go of the past. Without this release I believe we are stuck and cannot move. Courage, honour and strength of spirit together, with insight from others and self-introspection, help enlighten us and move us forward. Then we should do the right thing once we have resolved our own issues to be of service to others who ask and have their own issues to resolve. Together we help ourselves and others move forward and upward in enlightenment.

So, we can have all the family in the world but true friendships are very important in keeping us sane. One can never have enough friends but having a few very deep, honest and open friendships is very important. Those we usually have for a very long time since the shallow friendships are fleeting and generally do not last very long. Hug the ones you love and tell them you love them. Do not wait for a severe illness or death to do so. Life is too short and things could change at any moment. Open dialogue is important regardless of the relationship, gender or orientation of those that we have interaction with. That is how I feel on the matter. It's just good sense as far as I'm concerned. More on this later. - Volker

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