Monday, April 28, 2008

Move coming soon...

The move to the new apartment is coming up very soon.  I expect to move the stuff I have here in my room in Burnaby over to the new apartment Wednesday evening, though some will likely be shifted over Tuesday evening depending upon the weather and how I feel.  I'll be using a van (taxi) to get the belongings there on Wednesday.  Wednesday evening into Thursday morning will be my last stay at the old place.  Moving the stuff in storage over to the new place still has to be decided, a date anyway, plus the funds owing have to be paid up before that is moved over.

The phone and internet is ready for May 1st.  The internet service for the old place ends on April 30th.  Then the keys for the old place have to be returned to the landlord in order to have the deposit reimbursed.  There is so much to do and so little time in which to do it all.

There has been a pay raise:  $12.55 per hour as opposed to $12.25.  There is another raise due later.  This is all good because it means I can get my debts paid off faster.  Having too little money is an issue and having to much of it has its own set of problems associated with it.  There will be more news regarding the employment scene later.

On another front, I plan to restrict access to this blog only to those invited.  This will happen soon.  Brad is to be co-writer as previously mentioned.  So those that wish to read the blog, Saltwater Blood Meets Spirit Mountain, will have to email me in order to get a password that will allow them access.  The email is to be found in the profile for both this and the original blog, Haliaeetus, but here it is anyway:  haliaeetusblog(at)  This will allow Brad and I to discuss matters more freely in order that those that have a right to this information can benefit from it.  With that I will close this entry for this evening.  -  Volker

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