Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Ethan Reynolds @ Salton Sea

One of my friends, Adam Bouska, a 24 year old photographer in Los Angeles, California, recently did a shoot of Ethan Reynolds, a mutual friend that both Brad and I know. Here are but two examples of Adam's photographic genius. All of his photographic work is great. Ethan is as good-looking as ever and who cannot appreciate that fine muscled physique with all the work that went into achieving that look? I certainly can! Can you?
Check out the following links for more information and photos taken by Adam Bouska:

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Anonymous said...

Yum! I never learn how to bake a cake and frankly I don't care, but I can eat cakes, such as the one above, whole day long non-stop....... and the fact that you actually know this guy make me jealousssssssssssssss.