Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Brad, blogging and life at sea

Back in March of this year I invited Brad to be my co-author of this blog. This was his reaction in an email dated March 3rd:

"I willingly accept the role of co-author & the role of posting insight regarding us amongst this blog.

Also, I will post in this blog my current up to date thoughts, feelings and ongoings aboard the boat, so both you (Volker) and others will be kept up to par with my daily activities." - Brad

Then on March 15th, which was the last time I heard from him, he mentioned the following:

"All is well & days are long." - Brad

In this last email he wrote that he was using a borrowed computer and borrowed time to send a quick message while getting a coffee and a dinner before heading back out from a port in New Brunswick. Seems he's too busy for the moment to post which I can well imagine. I didn't hear from him during Easter weekend as expected. Likely ice conditions and other factors contributed to this delay in contact.

Then it also recently that four seal hunters lost their lives. The fourth is still missing as I understand it. Of the six onboard the two on watch survived. As I understand it, the boats stopped their work in honour of those that passed on. A sad weekend that's for sure.

So, needless to say, I am very much looking forward to hearing from Brad when he does break his silence. He must be overworked and very tired at day's end! - Volker

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