Saturday, November 21, 2009


The weekend is finally here but it started with a bang in a manner of speaking. Yesterday evening, when it was time to leave work, it was pouring rain mixed with ice pellets. I kept saying it could snow and the guard that had relieved me kept saying, "don't say that!" All of this was on my mind as I was humming the Andrew Sisters rendition of "Jingle Bells" as the mix of rain and hail came down. Everytime I mentioned the "snow" word I would hear, "Don't say that!"

Well, I was off without unpacking my umbrella. That would wait until I reach the station I was to catch the bus at. I joined someone on the homeward trip on the SkyTrain. We were chatting as the storm continued unabaited outside. There was a flash of lightning as we stopped at another station and then thunder. While chatting we both relayed our stories about lightning, including my comment about the thought back east where the chance of getting struck by lightning was better than winning the lottery. Then on our way again there was another bolt of lightning and loud thunder. That's when I learned that she was afraid of lightning and switched to another seat across from me, so that she wouldn't have to see the lightning!

She mentioned that people get killed by lightining and then I'm thinking to myself, "how does moving away so as not to see the lightning change anything?" Lightning is still going to do what it's going to do! I'm not much for irrational fears but on the otherhand, if it's our time to go and our number is up, then so be it. There's no sense in fearing the end (death) since we're all going to experience it at one point or another. It's as much a fact of life as birth is!

Then another flash and clap of thunder followed with more rain and hail. I got my bus and was home soon enough. The rain continued into the night and was still pouring as I went to bed around 11 pm.

It's now early afternoon Saturday. The sky is dull and overcast with light rain falling which doesn't seem surprising at all since most of November has been like this: dull, grey overcast with rain, and lots of it!

This afternoon I plan to take the SkyTrain over to Metrotown in south Burnaby to get some grocery shopping done before returning home to get some laundry done. Mundane stuff, yes, but it all needs to be done and out of the way. After that, it's more time at the computer. I may even take some time to scan some photos and see how they turn out. A few of the good ones will be posted if all turns out okay. That's the plan anyway. More later! - V.

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