Friday, November 27, 2009

abdominals and other muscle groups

What muscle group grabs your attention first? Is it the abdominals (abs) or the pectorals (pecs)? Or perhaps it's the maximus glutimus (butt) or some other muscle group? Well, to perk your interest and get you inspired, here are some fine examples of the first two groups: the abs and pecs.

Whether a guy's wearing open jeans, briefs or speedos turns you on, there's something for everyone's taste.

Ah, but this last one also grabbed my attention when I checked out Mac's blog a few days ago. I love the abs and pecs on this guy. I'm not much for tattoos but those tattoos along with the hair style and muscles appear to be working wonders together. I was immediately thinking of Bodhi, our Aussie blogger who just loves tattoos. Thanks, MAC, for posting this hottie! So which of the above is your favourite and inspires you to develop your muscles to the point of being equal or better than the musculature of the models in these photos??? - V.


Oldyeller said...

The second guy's abs and pecs are incredible, but they don't seem real--some highlighting perhaps. Also, should have lost the shirt entirely.

The last guy has great-looking square pecs which everyone would like to have, as compared to the rounded pecs of the guy above him. I would like to see the last guy cut up a little more to bring out the abs more. Picky I know.

SpiritMountainGuy said...

The skeletal structure and genetics in general will have a strong influence on the outcome. My own pecs are rounded because of the underlying bone structure.

No sense on fretting over it. Just work on getting fit. Having that lean muscular physique will allow us to enjoy our many endevours better and get that much more out of them, like cross-country or alpine skiing in the winter, or hiking and trail riding in the warmer months, just as a few examples. When I did ski, cross-country skiing was one of my favourites as far as winter activities are concerned and I'd be out skiing for hours or until the sun went down. We're looking at at least 5 or 6 hours!

In the warmer months, its hiking and for miles at a time (and many hours). I have a lot of endurance for both sports.

Between physical activity and keeping the mind sharp by reading a lot, this keeps me young and full of the enjoyment for life and what it has to offer. Thanks for commenting! - V.