Wednesday, November 18, 2009

rain, rain and more rain

That pretty well describes the month of November so far, rain and lots of it. Once autumn arrives it's a given here on the west coast that the rain will come as well. When it's nice, it's really nice but the reverse is true about the colder, wetter months of the year. Some days we have been teased by the sun as it tried to poke its way through the cloud cover and other days we've not fared as well. There have been the odd day where the sun has made a more prominent display but for the main it's been overcast and rainy.

With all this rain there upper elevations are getting a dusting of snow and a fair bit in places. I noticed back in October where the mountains, particularly in the interior away from the coast, has a good dusting of the white stuff. This should make the skiers happy for sure!

So, as I get ready to head out to work on yet another day of overcast, dull, rainy weather, have a great day where ever you are and keep that sunny disposition inside even if the weather outside is otherwise! - V.

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