Saturday, November 28, 2009


As you might have come to understand, photography is a major interest of mine for years and has been most of my life. I love nature and the life in it as well. Getting people in candid moments is great too. Photography is a natural way for me to bring this interest to life plus share it with others.

I began some blogging on MySpace in 2006 but this expanded in a great way when I set up my own blog on Blogger back in February 2007. That was Haliaeetus where I began to present some of my photography along with commentary to help people know what they were looking at. Then in early 2008 I began another blog (Saltwater Blood Meets Spirit Mountain) featuring my life and that of my partner Brad. Brad has posted a few times but I am looking forward to his posts blossoming. He has his own contributions to make in his own time and in his own way. We'll just have to be patient but he did indicate to me that he plans to post soon. They're coming!!!

There's a long, steady movement forward. Each step is important and followed by more action equally as important. The next step is purchasing a domain name, setting up a new website and presenting more of my photographic efforts there. This will include my interest in land and seascapes along with the flora and fauna encountered but the plan is to venture out into taking photos of models, male models in particular. Some of the latter will presented on this blog but most of the best will be seen on the new, yet to be established website.

In all this, Brad is my partner in many ways, including my business partner. We both love traveling, and I certainly know he does, so this gives us both an opportunity for fun and excitement plus we can enjoy making money at something that really is much like work to either one of us. I'm sure he's excited as I am to get this started.

Meantime, there's studio lighting to purchase as well as other equipment. I plan to buy some basic lighting equipment in January and then add more equipment as the funds become available.

The business name has been chosen plus the emails have been established and activated. Both of us have our own email addresses where guys interested in getting into modeling can contact us but we don't plan to limit ourselves to modeling alone. We look forward to building their portfolios and helping to advance their careers as we advance our own. The start date may be as early as January 2010 but that depends on circumstances. Meantime, when the name of the company, along with the contact information, appears in the right sidebar, you'll know that it's all up and running.

As far as social networks are concerned, I continue to post on both MySpace and Facebook. I do have a Twitter account but have yet to use it. Circumstances may bring about a change here. More news on all this to come! - V.

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