Saturday, November 21, 2009

pineapple plant

Back in May I saved the pineapple top from one of the pineapples I was about to eat, trimmed the dead parts of the leaves off, pulled off some of the lower leaves and made a fresh cut at the base. Then I let that dry over night before putting the cutting into a glass with water. I topped up the water as it was used up by the cutting and then potted the thing when I determined there were enough roots. Putting it in water allows one to view the changes as time progresses. The photo above shows the bottom of the cutting before it was put into the glass of water. If you look carefully, you can see the buds from where the roots would grow. The photo below gives a view of the entire cutting.
The last image shows the cutting, well rooted at this point, potted up. It's currently in a well lit window in the dining area and gets enough sun, when the sun is shining, of course. The trick now is to get it to flower and to produce some fruit, which will likely be small in our climate and latitude. More photos later. - V.

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