Wednesday, October 5, 2011

virtual view

Late yesterday afternoon I took the time to do a virtual tour of Brad's home town. The street view that Google has developed is good for that. I checked out a bit of Water Street and then viewed Main Street north and south of the centre of town. Its a nice, clean community from what I've seen, and this hasn't been the first time.

In the past I've also checked out places in Europe that I've seen on past trips to see how much has changed. Its another adventure!

Have a great day, guys, and enjoy your adventure!! Now I'm off to work. - V


DeepBlue said...

I just LOVE Google's Street view... I spend lots of time on there. Unfortunately, Germany has not allowed Google to get on its streets. Do you know why?

I've just put up two posts where I try myself at playing tourist guide in Montreal! ;)

SpiritMountainGuy said...

I don't know why Germany doesn't have this option but I do plan to check out the possibilities. I have used Google's Satellite view to look at some of the sites I seen during past visits. Its an interesting perspective to view these sites from above, such as the Siegessaeule (Victory Column) in Berlin! - V