Sunday, October 23, 2011


The top photo is a crop of a larger one and shows the cone on a Monkey Puzzle Tree, this one in Sapperton. Below is the crown of the same tree.
I got out late in the afternoon to check out a new grocery store near the SkyTrain station in Sapperton. The weather was mostly cloudy but with some sunshine getting through the overcast sky. As you can see, it is the usual autumn weather. The rain will be back but for the moment not having it is a relief! I cut through the Fraser Cemetery on the way to East Columbia Street (200 block) in New Westminster where the store is located. The store (Thifty Foods) was about a 20 minute walk away from home, so the exercise was good and needed but walking back was mostly uphill until it leveled out some as I got closer to home. When I returned home, it was time for a quick supper with most of the daylight gone for the day. As the season advances, the sun gets lower on the horizon and the daylight hours decrease. There's a fair bit of dew in the morning but I'll let you know when it gets frosty! - V

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