Wednesday, October 19, 2011


The other morning I was on my way in to work on the SkyTrain. It usually fills up quickly after the halfway point and yesterday was no exception. A tall, slim, handsome guy got on at one station and stood in front of me with his left side toward me. His hair was short, light brown. You could tell he was slim by the way he fit into his denim blue jeans. A few stops later he stepped out to allow others to exit the train and then got back on but further in. Then another cute guy got on. He ended up standing right in front of me with his back towards me and we were packed in there, so he was practically right up against me. Then I had to get off. It was my time to leave. By the way, both were just over six foot tall and reminded me immediately of Brad, though he has darker hair (it was the build and the height). Have an awesome day! - V

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