Sunday, October 2, 2011


This morning I found some more colour slides, some from the 1972 trip to Germany ( in this case, Berlin) and others from the early 1980s. The first lot have photos from my week's stay in Berlin (I am in some of them). The second lot have photos from London, Ontario when I was living in my first apartment. I was in my late 20s when the send set of photos were taken. I'll comment more on all of them when I've scanned them for posting.

Meantime, its a partly sunny day here in the lower mainland and I have notices the autumn colours increase over the last few days. Next weekend I'll be out taking some photos of the colourful show to share with you as well. I hope you've had a wonderful weekend and wish you all the same for the coming week.

Note: Stephan is the model in the photo. We'll soon need more than "long johns" to get us through the cold this coming winter. Stay warm and comfy! Now I'm off to get the laundry done. Yes, its that time again! - V


Lez Hard said...

His pants are so white, they doesn't need any laundry ...
sweet pic and cute guy !

SpiritMountainGuy said...

Stephan's long underwear may not need washing but my clothes are waiting for the machines unfortunately. I used to have enough to get through two weeks before laundry was necessary but not now. I am planning to purchase more to correct that issue. - V