Monday, October 17, 2011

view at Burnaby Mountain

This past Sunday I went up to Burnaby Mountain in the hopes of taking some photos of the autumn colour but it hasn't progressed as far as other places lower in elevation. The photo above shows alder trees along a road near Simon Fraser University. When they are in colour, they'll be a bright yellow which looks awesome with the sun shining through in the background.
The ferns and moss add to the greenery still present in the area.
The image above looks at the mountains on the northside of Burrard Inlet opposite Burnaby Mountain and the photo below shows the Eagle Mountain area where I had been hiking from the middle to late summer. Eagle Bluff is in the centre of that photo.
Above we look north up Indian Arm opposite Burnaby Mountain. Below is the Western Pearly Everlasting gone to seed way past its beauty of the summer past. You can literally see autumn in the air! There is some colour on the mountain but I suspect more will be had in a week or two. I'll have more photos then, at least that's the plan. Meantime, enjoy these photos!!! - V


Patric said...

love the view and shots. thank you for sharing v..beautiful shots.

SpiritMountainGuy said...

Thanks, Patric! I hope to have some more photos soon showing more autumn colour but that's all up to Mother Nature! - V