Sunday, June 27, 2010


Its an overcast sky here in New Westminster but some sun is expected in the afternoon but since its like this, its a good day to get the laundry out of the way and do some chores around the apartment before the work week starts on Monday.

While eating a couple of Sumatsu oranges this morning, I found a couple of seeds. They're planted in a small pot of soil and have been watered. Ive grown citrus trees from seed before and often enough since I was a teen in the 1960s. My first attempt that I remember was starting a grapefruit tree from seed. It ended up in a large pot, leaves 6 or more inches long, branches with thorns and a height of around 5 feet tall with the pot included. My father told me that it would never flower and so, believing him, I cut it up and threw it out. Later I learn otherwise that such fruit trees flower after the 7th year, perhaps later in our northern climate. I may try growing another grapefruit tree from seed to give the apartment some life! We'll see!!

Later in the 1970s, I bought a calamondin orange tree from a flower shop near where I lived at the time. It grew into a handsome tree and flowered perfusely for 14 years of so until it died. I kept it outside during the hot summers which attracted a great number of honey bees to its blossoms. It flowered year round and often had fruit at the same time it was in flower. The fruit was rather sour, best for drinks, and had a number of seeds inside. It was ants getting into the pot and affecting the roots that probably ended its life but it was a beautiful tree while it was around and pruned often to keep in shape so as not to overgrow the place.

The flowering plants I bought the other week are ready for planting. The pots are there and most of the required soil. I still require a drill to add some drainage holes to the bottom of the large pots but that should be accomplished soon enough. I have some photos that I took last week and will post them soon, as soon as they've been uploaded from my camera.

Now its off to get the laundry started. Have a great Sunday, guys! - V

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