Saturday, June 19, 2010


It was sunny today with a high of about 21 degrees Celsius and humidity of 68 per cent. Since my right foot still had a bit of gout in it, I opted against a hike today and went shopping at Metrotown in Burnaby instead. That was late afternoon. It was a matter of a quick visit to Shoppers, then Zellers and finally the Superstore, all in the mall. Its busy and loud, so I get what I'm after and then leave. I much prefer quieter venues to this hectic atmosphere!

Once home, I sorted everything away and had a light supper of warmed up garlic bread with slices of Piri Piri, Portuguese style chicken breast, along with some Ceylon tea to wash it all down with. Then later it was something Irish, Harp Premium Irish Lager Beer, which I'm still working on before bed time.

The cloud has moved in though the forecast calls for sunny weather tomorrow (Sunday) but who knows whether that'll be the case, partly or entirely. We'll see. I hope you've all had an awesome day. Have a good night, guys! - V

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