Monday, June 28, 2010

camcorder and other stuff

Its Monday and the day here is fast drawing to a close. Yesterday I ordered a Flip Ultra HD camcorder online. The order was confirmed this morning. Once I received it, expect some videos to add a new dimension to this blog and not just short video clips which I've been able to post for a while. Later, once I can afford it and it seems practical, I purchase a more substantial camcorder than the Flip. For the moment, this one opens plenty of possibilities.

Two other items are in my sites at the moment, a good starter set of studio lights and either a macro lens or a wide angle lens. I'm buying items as I can afford them as Brad and I expand our business venture in photography. Photography is one of my great passions and business is one of Brad's but I'm sure photography takes a top spot for him as well. Expect more news on this soon.

On my way home this evening I bought a power drill to drill those holes in the large pots in advance of planting. While at Canadian Tire, I also found a couple of fuchsia plants to add to the collection of flowers, so that should be it for plants this year, at least for the balcony!

Now I'm going to wind things up for the day and head for bed soon. Its already after 9 pm and I hope to be in bed by 10 pm at the latest. Since I get up at 5 am, I'm trying to get as much sleep as I can get. Some nights its a bit of a challenge getting more than 6 hours. Seven hours is better but 8 hours is better yet which seems to work on weekends. Have a good night, guys (or good day if you're into the next day)!!! - V

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