Friday, June 25, 2010

holiday coming

Canada Day is coming up on Thursday of next week, July 1st, when we celebrate Canada's birthday as a nation. Canada became a nation in 1867 which would make this year the 143rd anniversary if my math is correct.

So, today on my way home from work I picked up some groceries at a Safeway across the street from my place and then went to the liquor store to by some beer which turned out to be a six-pack of Samuel Adams Boston Lager and one bottle of a special Canada Day brew from Innis and Gunn, an oak aged beer, Canadian Cask, bottled in celebration of Canada Day 2010. I'm drinking it as I write this entry. Then there is a little Scotch in a glass to wash it all down. I plan to purchase a couple of bottle of that special holiday brew tomorrow for my bf to sample when he arrives here from the east.

Anyway, the sun is back and hopefully for a while, so that being the case, I may go on a hike over the weekend, and certainly on Canada Day! I'm meeting with a Reiki practitioner over tea on Saturday afternoon, so hiking that day is out of the question but perhaps Sunday if it doesn't cloud over again. Take care, guys!!! - V

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