Friday, December 30, 2011


This evening after work I dropped in at the supermarket at the mall across the street from where I live and then went to the liquor store to get some wine and sparkling wine but while at the checkout in the latter store there was a lady ranting in the mall outside the store.  It sounded like she had mental issues (she was very excited and saying "f..." this and "f..." that).

It was familiar to me for some reason but I couldn't put a finger on it immediately.  Then when I left the mall it came to me.  I used to work with a lady north of Toronto who had mental issues (bi-polar I believe).  She was usually okay when I was around but usually men would get her excited (she didn't like them), into a rage, though not with me.  She was divorced and her ex had been a well known psychiatrist.  That experience had put her in an institution for a bit.  Since I was her supervisor and somewhat familiar with her situation, I tried to keep her on regular shifts and not have her work all over the clock at all hours.  

That wasn't the first time I worked with someone that was bi-polar.  I worked with someone in Thornhill (near Toronto) with the same condition.  While on his medications, he was okay.. Those with bi-polar are known for severe mood swings.  The medications are supposed to help reduce the extremes in moods.  Otherwise, life can be a challenge for them and the same for those they live or interact with.

Anyway, I arrived home without incident and put all my purchases away.  There was even a small bar of dark chocolate that came with the bottle of sparkling wine from Spain.  The second bottle is from France.  I didn't bother with champagne since its become rather expensive. The sparkling wines serve the same purpose and save on money at the same time.

Enjoy your celebrations what ever you decide to do.  Have a safe and rewarding 2012! - V

P.S. - Are you waiting for the new year to arrive like our guy above?  I wish you all the best.  So, have you made some resolutions for the new year that you can honour and keep?

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