Saturday, December 3, 2011

christmas and candles

Back in Germany in the mid-1950s we had a Christmas tree (Weihnachtsbaum) at Christmas (Weihnachten) which had candles. The candles were only lit when we were present and snuffed out when elsewhere, so it wasn't a case of leaving the candles burning on the tree and going elsewhere in the apartment or house.  That's a good way to burn the place down.  But I love the aroma of candles, especially when they are snuffed out and the little bit of smoke rises up along with the scent.

I still have candle holders for such an occasion but there will be no tree where I live currently.  Perhaps when I have a house of my own once again.  Have a wonderful Christmas but do remember to be safe about it all!  That time is not all that far away.  Time is flying! - V

P.S. - The top photo shows a Christmas tree in our apartment in Knittlingen, Germany.  The image below show me, a younger version, with my parents.  My younger brother was asleep.

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