Thursday, September 15, 2011


During my summer visit to Europe in 1972, one of my side trips took me to Scandinavia which involved a train trip up the Jutland Peninsula from Hamburg, Germany to Frederiksborg, Denmark and from there a ferry ride across the Kattegat to Goeteborg, Sweden and on to Oslo. When I arrived in Oslo by train on a sleeper, I ended up walking around the Oslo Fjord to the west side from the town centre. At the destination I checked out the Viking Ship Museum and a folk museum that had houses and other buildings from around Norway. This included a wooden stave church you see above. Then it was a short walk to the water (Oslo Fjord) and a motorboat ride to the centre of Oslo on the other side.

The trip continued with a train ride across southern Sweden to Stockholm. If it hadn't been raining the night I got there, I would have stayed longer. As it was, I returned to Germany through Helsingborg, Sweden and a crossing to Helsingor (Elsinore in English) on the Danish side of the strait. I have a shot of the Kronborg Castle in Helsingor at sunset. This castle is mentioned in Shakespeare's play "Hamlet." Keep in mind I was 19 years old at the time. It was an awesome adventure! - V

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