Wednesday, September 28, 2011

alpines and other flowers - 1970s

I found some photos I had taken a long time ago (1970s) early on when I first started gardening. The top image shows the Bell Flowers (Campanula latifolia) in the spring before the flower stalks were sent up in a growth spurt. There are more of them shown in the photo below along with a white-flowering plant (name escapes me at the moment). The Bell Flowers had to be transplanted early after the seed sprouted before the taproots developed. The transplant would not survive easily after that point.
The last photo gives a good view of what the section with the flowers looked like at the time. The rest of the planting area contained vegetables and some fruit. At one point there were a couple of red currant bushes planted at the back of this vegetable garden. When I decided to move them, the bushes were far too back, so I took cuttings and rooted those in the area where I wanted those new bushes next to the cedar hedge on the west side of the property. As for the flowers, I planted a new flower bed in the front yard near the porch and incorporated those flowers there. Amazing what happens when you plant a few packets of alpine seed. Its a surprise what comes out! If you would like to see more photos in this series, I plan to post more on my photo blog, so check that source out! - V

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