Sunday, February 6, 2011


Remember last May when we read about 13 year old Jordan from California who climbed to the summit of Mount Everest? Mind you he didn't do this alone nor would it be safe to do so but he gives others the courage and inspiration to fulfill their dreams in life. The article above give you more information, and you can google the subject to find out more. You can also start by checking out more at the website indicated in the attached article and go from there.

When I was entering my teenage years (actually even before), this was when I was taking up photography, stamp collecting, map drawing, developing interests in art (drawing and painting in particular) and by my mid to late teens I had taken up gardening while others my age were into sports, perhaps developing an interest in cars and other stuff. The interests we develop and hone then stay with us for life in one form or another.

I don't collect stamps any longer but I still keep things organized and in their place so things can be easily found. The interests in gardening, and in nature in particular, lend themselves to photography and the direction that goes. My early maps are gone but the interest is still there. I've got plenty of maps to prove that!

So, what ever your dreams and desires, live them, not someone else's life. Parents have dreams of what they'd like their children to do in life and how they'd like them to live it but each of us have our own desires and dreams of what we would like to accomplish in life. Live it! The saying goes: don't wait until tomorrow what you can do today! Tomorrow may be too late, and besides, we may only be along this route once never to retrace it again.

Good luck with your endeavours, what ever they are! What else can I say? - V

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