Sunday, February 13, 2011

Alex and spy dramas!

I was in Vancouver late Saturday afternoon and stopped by HMV to look for the dvd, Stormbreaker (2006). As luck would have it, I managed to find one copy of the widescreen edition they had with the US title, ALEX RIDER, Operation Stormbreaker! The title is below the "widescreen edition" at the top but otherwise its the same.

When I got home, I had a light supper and then sat down to watch the movie. This was the first time I had watched it in English, since the last time was in French on Radio Canada, the French service of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation [CBC], on cable 7. Since its an action, spy-thriller, it was easy to pick up what was happening the first time and I certainly got a lot more out of it the second time when I could understand every word that was said. I do have an understanding of French, just its not as good as my English.

I learned that Alex Pettyfer, the actor that plays Alex Rider was one of many that tried out for the role and its a good thing the director chose him. Also, they did a lot of their own stunts in the movie. The extras on the dvd will show you the details of that. Alex looks good on camera and that's another reason why they chose him. and I certainly won't argue with that one!

It was said that the film was a flop in the cinemas but perhaps that's debatable and a matter of interpretation as whether the movie is good or not. Its not quite James Bond stuff, there's more action and less subtlety but I think its a film in its own genre.

I'm looking forward to seeing Alex Pettyfer in his latest role in I Am Number Four (2011), a Sci-Fi movie. Anything that involves Steven Spielberg (through Dreamworks) has my undivided attention. Alex was 14-15 years old in Stormbreaker and he's now 20 in this latest role. This latest film is in the cinemas here on February 18. Look for it where you are! - V

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