Saturday, February 19, 2011

Arosa Star - crossing the Atlantic from Germany to Canada

We came over to Canada from Germany on the ship, the Arosa Star, in June 1957. It was part of the Arosa Line fleet of cruise ships (1952 to 1958). The ship was built as the Borinquen at the Bethlehem Shipbuilding Corporation of Quincy, Mass in 1930. She had several names as the ship changed hands and came to a rather ignoble end sinking on the rocks off Port Hueneme, California on April 13, 1970. As I understand it, the new owners of the ship wanted to turn it into a floating hotel but couldn't afford the mooring fees and so anchored it off shore. Unfortunately, the storm brought all those plans to an end. Our crossing unlike the ship's end was flawless! Well, we made it to Canada, didn't we?
Above, my younger brother (left) and I had been at a children's birthday party on the ship, hence the party hats! Norbert and I shared the same room well into our teens. He passed on rather suddenly in 1974 and is still missed very much. Its amazing how strong the emotions are even after all these passing years!
That's our mother left, my brother Norbert and myself on the right. Norbert passed on suddenly in 1974 and we were all affected in one way or another, not at all the same afterward. Mother passed on in 1999. There's a long story about that but I won't get into that here.
I remember that our mother always loved the fresh air and sunshine. Sunning on a bright day in the summer was one of her past times. I love the fresh air and sunshine too but prefer working in it or going on a long hike! - V

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Marcel said...


I was looking for information about the Arosa Star Ship and I came across your entry.

Mi father was first degree radio officer on that ship in that year, and he told me a lot of stories about different journeys with german immigrants.

He is now in his late 80´s but still enjoys telling old marine stories.

Nice to find someone who actually was on that ship.

Best Regards from Paraguay,

Marcel Martens