Sunday, February 6, 2011

love and what it all means

With Valentine's Day coming up on Friday its a good time to discuss the subject of love. When I was young I wasn't one to follow convention and give cards to the opposite sex only, in fact in the 4th grade I gave cards to guys that made an impression on me. Looking back at all that, I guess that's not at all "straight" is it? Why should we exclude potentially half the population in letting others know that we care about them. Why wait until they pass on to express how we feel about someone.

Love takes many forms, from romantic love to sexual and a myriad of other forms. There is the love shown between parent and child, between grandparent and grandchild, between friends (same or opposite sex) and so on. So if I love a someone of my own sex, a guy, why shouldn't I tell him and show him my appreciation?

I love my good friends and I still love Brad very much and demonstrate this as often as I am able. Currently, its as one friend to another, one human being to another, but it can take any form he likes. Simple, deep friendship is a great start, don't you think? Some of us just need time to flower and show how we feel. I'll have more on this as we progress into the week. Just some thoughts for you guys! - V

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