Saturday, December 4, 2010


We had a day of bright sunshine, so I took advantage of the weather and got out for a bit. It was mid-afternoon by the time I got away but it was worth it for the fresh air and sunshine.

I went up to Burnaby Mountain in north Burnaby where I hadn't been for some time. There had been a fire at the Horizon Restaurant earlier in the year and the renovations are coming along. The restaurant looks as if its operational but the public washrooms consist of portapotties for now.

It was nice to see the sun. I did get a number of photos during my stay there but if I had been there earlier, I would have been able to get some of the fresh snow on the mountain tops against a blue sky. I'll post some photos as soon as they've been uploaded from the camera and edited.

I must have eaten something that didn't agree with me because even before I left the apartment I had to make several trips to the washroom. I had more samosas (veggie) for supper this evening and came about a discovery: I found corn in one of them and I'm sensitive to corn and its various forms, including corn syrup! Why anyone would put corn in them is beyond me. I'll stick to those that I know will agree with me, such as the ones I buy from one of the local supermarkets.

Anyways, I hope you're all having a great weekend, guys!!! More news coming up later! - V

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