Thursday, December 9, 2010


Well, there are times when the best laid plans go wrong and yesterday was one of those days. The client where I work at my full-time job invited those of us at the front desk to a Christmas lunch. My supervisor's relief person arrived but mine didn't. In fact the latter person was late by over an hour which delayed my departure to the lunch. When I did arrive, some people were just leaving and others were having their dessert. I had ordered my lunch via cell phone and later asked that it be wrapped, so I could take it home. When I did arrive, I had an Earl Grey tea and some yam fries that included a dipping sauce with the hint of lemon.

I had the spicy Bombay Butter Chicken when I returned home. That lunch included roasted almond basmati rice, grilled naan bread and lentil papadum. I just loved it and plan to have this again sometime soon.

Meantime, I was not happy the way things turned out and neither was the client. There is a remedy planned but I don't know when. Despite the setback I did the best under the situation. I hope you can maintain some dignity and poise under such circumstances. Have a good night, guys!

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