Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I had the last of the duck leg with sweet and sour red cabbage for supper. Its usually served with boiled potatoes but I used the last of them for preparing tomorrow's lunch to take into work. The lunch includes the potatoes, sweet and sour red cabbage and part of the meat from a duck leg all in a mason jar. I'll remove the lid and microwave it before eating, however, I prefer re-heating on a stove top but this will have to do.

This evening I cooked up pork hocks with wine sauerkraut and tomorrow evening will re-heat it and serve it with freshly boiled potatoes. Some will end up going into work on Friday. Nothing particularly fancy. Simple food but tasty. Now I'm heading off to bed. Its another work day and 5 am comes early! Good Night!!! - V

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