Friday, May 21, 2010

Eagle Mountain photos

Here is a selection of photos from last Saturday's hike up the Coquitlam Crunch Trail starting with an image of a Rugosa type rose and a collection of buttercups in bloom along the trail.
I took a few photos that included the hydro towers as I hike up the trail but I love this one that follows because it includes a view of where I started from at the bottom. The image after that is a plus. I believe there is an increase in elevation of 250 meters from the bottom to the top of the trail. From there, the elevation increases further with the hike to Eagle Mountain Park which is below the summit of the mountain proper.
The following photos include images of another Rugosa type rose with darker pink petals, then hawthorn blooms with an insect visiting and then a White Crowned Sparrow sitting atop a post along the trail.
Buttercups, wild flowers seen during the late spring and into the summer, are in flower everywhere you look as you've seen in this and the previous image.
I found a ball hockey rink/court deserted but on the way back it was full of guys out for an evening game. Eagle Mountain, the destination, can be seen in the photo below.
There were two distance and elevation signs seen on the way up. The photo above shows just one of them. Then there are a couple of images showing the scenery on Eagle Mountain Drive as I continued on up the mountain.
Someone had left a teddy bear on the top of a gate within the park. Certainly it was suitable for a photo opportunity.
There is a sign along the trail with a map of the many trails in the area of the Westwood Plateau below Eagle Mountain. Its certainly worth checking out further. There was an awesome view to the south east which included a sight of Mount Baker, a volcano! The mountains are awesome this time of year including some snow at higher elevations.
This Douglas' Squirrel stopped long enough for me to snap a photo and then quickly ran off. I watched the squirrel run a distance, stop, and then run further, stop again, and run further. The Spanish Broom is not as common here as the much more common Scotch Broom but I love the colour combination on the flowers. Both species of Broom are native to western Europe. Broom grows like a weed here. I guess that would be because of our mild climate.
I even spotted some very tall trees minus any branches at higher elevations on Eagle Mountain and also up the sides of some nearby mountains as well. I'll close with another view of Eagle Mountain Drive. Hope you've enjoyed the photos. I'm off to Buntzen Lake this weekend, so more photos are coming! Have a great weekend!!! - V

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