Thursday, May 13, 2010


The weather was awesome today. There was lots of sunshine with no clouds over head. That is to last into the weekend but Sunday may see some showers. Temperatures were around 18 degrees Celsius with a night time low of around 8 or 9 degrees. My daily mode of dress is a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. I opted to leave the sweater at home a couple of days ago and likely won't need it much until autumn arrives. Its great to be wearing something lighter!

Today, I finished off the last of the duck leg with sweet and sour red cabbage plus potatoes, all for lunch. This evening I had sauerkraut with pork hocks and boiled potatoes for supper. I filled a mason jar with some of the stuff to take in to work for lunch Friday.

When my mother was alive, I remember her telling me that her mother used to make sauerkraut from scratch. That meant using a large earthenware crock and filling it in alternating layers with shredded cabbage, then a layer of salt, more shredded cabbage and so on. Then it was weighed down and the contents allowed to ferment in the forming brine. According to my mother, the aroma of fermenting cabbage would fill the entire apartment.

While on the subject of sauerkraut, I love having a hotdog on a bun with a generous helping of sauerkraut over top, a Coney Island hotdog I guess its called!

Well, now its time for bed once again. Have a good night and pleasant dreams all!!! - V

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