Monday, May 10, 2010


I noticed Saturday that the succulent that I bought from the grocery store across the street a couple of months ago has sent up a flower stalk. The plant is commonly called a "Zebra Plant" because of its alternating green and white markings on the fleshy leaves. In Latin its called a Haworthia attenuata which originates from South Africa's Eastern Cape ranging from sea level to 1000 meters altitude. Succulents are related to Cactii. I'll have more on these plants later.

Behind the subject of this post is my Pineapple plant raised from a crown cutting last year. I plan to put it into another window with even better light with the hope that it too might flower! Some of its leaves are a good size. Lets see what develops!

There'll be some photos posted soon from Sunday's walk along English Bay Beach in Vancouver. Look for them! - V

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