Sunday, May 2, 2010

the apartment

The apartment still needs some organizing but things are moving in that direction. One of the legs on the dining cabinet needs to be re-glued before I load up the cabinet. That will get things organized in a big way once that is done. The plant you see in the centre of the dining room table is the Pointsettia from Christmas. That plant is doing quite well growing new leaves. Once I re-plant it I plan to set it out on the balcony over the summer. The photo below is the basis of the image from which you saw in the last post. It gets cluttered on occasion, so cleaning is a never ending chore.

The last photo is that of the living room. The last of the boxes to be organized will disappear once I've purchased a couple of armoires which I plan to set side by side along the wall you see. That will get rid of most of the remaining boxes and the old, worn blue jeans and other material will be recycled. That's the plan anyway. Then the living room will be turned into a combination living area and photo studio!

In other news, I was having issues with Internet Explorer and finally decided to continue using Google Chrome. That appeared a wise choice since it allowed me to continue with blog posts without problems which the latter seemed to have to no end. What ever works, as they say! Have a great night and an awesome week, guys!!! - V

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