Wednesday, May 27, 2009


As one of my recent posts might suggest (the train), I see stuff on the way to work that piques my interest, so here's another one to share.

The other day, as I was heading off to work in town, using the SkyTrain as usual, a good looking guy in his early 20s, I'd guess, got on the train at Joyce station (I believe). As usual, I was standing at the door against the partition facing toward the back of the train and he was standing in front of me but facing away from the door, towards the aisle in other words. Then he suddenly turned to face me. Seeing as he was less than two feet away from me, I got a good look at him. Being caucasian, his hair was a sandy blond and short, similar in length to Orlando in the previous post, with blue eyes (lighter shade) and stunningly handsome wearing grey-coloured sweats with a bag over his shoulder. I'm just under 5 foot 10 inches tall and he was probably a bit taller. He would make a perfect model for me to photograph (by the way, I hope to start shooting models by July, if not sooner). I don't know whether he was gay or str8, and don't care either way, but he was very easy on the eyes as you might imagine.

A couple of young women got on at the next station, so one of them was between him and me. I'd rather he had been closer but heck, that's the way things are sometimes. As the train was approaching Broadway station, he turned to face the door and he departed the train at that station. Such a shame! I could easily have taken to seeing more of him. If I were to hazard a guess, he was likely a university student, perhaps UBC (University of British Columbia).

There are a number of hotties that are seen often enough on the trains or buses locally, so keep posted for more. I just wanted to share my experience, so you can comment with your own if you wish. - V.

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