Monday, May 4, 2009

Blossoms and stuff

I finally got out to take some photos Sunday afternoon. This is a selection of what resulted starting near home with the cherry trees along the main road and then Queens Park.

The maple trees are leafing out but the flowers can still be seen in some places as you can see and dandelions are to be found everywhere. The word for dandelion comes from French and means "lion's tooth" as the indented edges of the leaves might suggest. The German word for the plant is Loewenzahn which has the same meaning, "lion's tooth!" I think its such a wonderful plant and with so many uses, such as using fresh, unsprayed leaves (i.e. no chemical pesticides or herbicides) in a salad just to name one.

There is a hillside full of these white flowers above though I can't tell you the name of them and then there are English Daisies as seen in the pic below.

A row of townhomes near the park. Then there is the sign at the entrance to the park.

Fraser Cemetery in Sapperton has its cherry trees too. They're all in flower with the petals collecting everywhere.

Then there are the tulip plantings in and around Stanley Park in Vancouver. I especially love the last one, don't you? The colour red and the underplanting of Forget-Me-Nots make such a wonderful contrast. I had to get down on my knees practically to get the last shot and then getting up was a bit of a chore with my knee being the way it is but it was worth it! The last photo, by the way, was taken on Denman Street near Davie. Enjoy the photos!!! - V.


MAC said...

Thanks for the stunning pics. I adore spring, season of rebirth.

SpiritMountainGuy said...

Right now that "rebirth" is being helped along by the pouring rain we're having this evening. The colour is always nice to see and there should be plenty of it after the current system moves away. - V.