Monday, May 18, 2009

Saturday, after a day of doing two loads of laundry and some shopping I decided to do some cooking as evening approached. I made a fresh salad of romaine lettuce with croutons along with a simple home-made oil and vinegar dressing (olive oil with white wine vinegar). That was just an appetizer. Then I got down to business making up some home fries with diced onion. When those were done, I grated (coursely) some asiago cheese over top. Sometimes I use emmentaler or gruyere, or what ever is available. If I had meat, I would have chosen bratwurst or hot Italian sausage but since that wasn't available I had to do without.
The top photo shows the plate of home fries and the second pic is a close-up. A wedge of asiago cheese is shown below. Sunday evening I just had sandwiches with fine liverwurst on olive bread along with orange-spice black tea, nothing particularly fancy. Then late this afternoon (Monday), home as it was a statutory holiday (Victoria Day), I cooked up some beef vegetable soup from scratch (as usual) using a cheap cut of beef I picked up Sunday afternoon while in Vancouver. Everything was slow cooked and then I had some for supper with some to take in to work on Tuesday (yes, the work week starts again, though only four days as opposed to five).

As for teas, its a mix this week with orange-spice black tea, or rooibos vanilla tea, or bengal spice tea or loose-leaf green tea with some fresh ginger root, again nothing fancy just healthy stuff. Have a great week where ever you are!!! - V.

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