Sunday, May 17, 2009

Lars Slind - model

This is Lars Slind, a model of Norwegian descent, born in Arizona in 1983. As soon as I saw his photos and read his biography I knew he's a man seriously to my liking: hard-working and focused on what he wants to achieve in life, focused on his passion in life. That he's drop-dead gorgeous and very easy on the eyes is another plus.
Lars studied the Japanese language in high school and college plus lived in Kyoto, Japan for several years before returning to the United States to work for "Sumitora Metal" [Sounds familiar in that I know someone at work who had lived and worked in Japan but is also of causasian extraction]. Then he switched to modeling due to the very long hours he had been working. He's done shoots for D and G, Red Nightlife, FBO Parts 2008 Calendar plus appeared in "MTV Next" and "Clubcrushers."
His other interest is football. He's a scholarship athlete in football (fullback). As of 2009, Lars is living in West Los Angeles in a Japanese community. Again, he's very hard-working and into modeling, bartending, and doing promotions while also trying to study Japanese and Tagalog. Lars is quite the roll model for aspiring young men getting into modeling/acting or doing something else that's their life's passion. He's one to keep watching! I chose photos that best illustrate his well-developed, muscular physique. The last pic is interesting because it shows him from the front and also includes a side view (double exposure?). Its a photo I've seen before but can't place for the moment. The photos are from . Check out Scott's work! - V.

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