Monday, May 18, 2009

Omer - model

These are some of the best photos I've seen of Omer Berger, a 21 year old model, 5'10" in height and 159 pounds weightwise. Omer just moved back to Israel after three years of adventure in the United States (NYC, Miami, LA). His photos have appeared in Maenner Aktuell magazine (February 2008), Beautiful Mag and he hopes to get more in the way of high fashion and editorial assignments.
Omer has also appeared in Justin Monroe's "Down The Rabbit Hole" coffee table book and in Joe Oppidisiano's coffee table calendar. Check out his profile on MySpace [ ] and his website [ ] which is still under construction. He's another model, like many others, worth watching as his career develops. Another very gorgeous, hot, good-looking guy! - V.

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