Saturday, August 6, 2011


Its overcast today but the sun comes and goes just the same. We've been having very odd weather this year. Both spring and summer have been cooler than normal. By late morning it was only 18 degrees Celsius and the high may reach above 20. It certainly helps if the sun is around longer. We aren't there yet but who knows what autumn will bring!

Since being off work for five weeks due to the mini-stroke I had in early May, finances are tight as I try to get caught up with payments that are due. It'll be another couple of months of tight finances but its doable.

I've been using my supplies in the freezer and the kitchen cupboard to make meals. The freezer isn't empty yet but its getting there. I made a rice dish for lunch today, a mix of brown and wild rice with pieces of sun-dried tomato, diced onion, sea salt, freshly ground pepper and taragon leaves added. I started by hearing olive oil in the pan and then softening the diced onions in it. The other ingredients were added afterwards along with hot, boiling water which was topped up as needed. I've been doing this for decades. This evening I plan to take a package of sausages out of the freezer (a mix of deer and pork) and have some of them with the leftovers tomorrow. I'll be working on restocking the freezer and the kitchen cupboard next month. Up to now its been a case of supplementing what I have with fresh fruit and vegetables. Its amazing what you can do if you are resourceful and the circumstances warrant it.

I did arrange for an advance from work but that is being paid back now each month. There's another pay due on Friday when things will be easier. Each month will get better. Its just a matter of having a plan and carrying through on it! - V

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