Saturday, April 10, 2010


Friday morning we woke up to see photos in the local papers of a sailboat washed up on Kits Beach (Kitsilano Beach), the result of the gale force winds of the previous day. There were actually three in total, two on the beach and one on the rocks. Bad news for the owner of the latter I guess! The Spanish Banks in English Bay consist of nothing but sand, so sailboats ankered in such a setting are going to have their ankers dragged hundreds of feet potentially and in this case, on to the beach. Yesterday afternoon I heard that two had been removed but is one is still there this afternoon, there may be a photo. Kits Beach is my destination this afternoon and I'll likely head west as far as Locarno Beach and perhaps further.

Once the photos from Saturday's photos shoot are uploaded from my camera and saved on disk, I'm off for the afternoon. Its sunny and warming up nicely. Have a great weekend, guys!!! - V

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