Saturday, April 3, 2010


Changes are coming to this blog over the next few weeks as our photography business takes shape and images not our own are deleted from this blog with a few exceptions. Scott Herman will continue to be our feature model and fitness instructor. We plan to post about new models that come to our attention, such as Matt, a prospective model and one on the right track I'd say! So, this blog will be about our lives (Brad and mine) plus other matters of interest, such as keeping fit. What better way to enjoy nature and what it has to offer. We encourage you to keep your fitness level up so you too can hike up mountains or ride your trail bikes on the various pathways and trails you encouter.

Meantime, I've charged up all the batteries for the external flash for my camera and collected all the gear together ready to pack (and there really isn't too much) and will be off to the photo shoot location about 4:30 pm. Its just a 20 minute walk north of my place. I'll likely be taking a cab back home from the shoot location. I'll blog about all this after.

My new external HD is ready to go in time for uploading and editing the photos to be taken this evening. But before all that is done, I plan to clear up my internal HD on my laptop so that all the programs run better and faster. So, guess where I'll be Sunday: at home!

In other news, it was a mostly rainy, overcast and windy day Saturday. At times it was very windy which explained the wind warning that was out that day. Its much better today with cloud but also some sunshine on occasion. Temperatures are somewhat cooler than in February as if the seasons have flipped around somewhat. However, as the daylight hours get longer, the weather will get better.

Its back to work early Monday (I could have had the day off but I opted to work since it wasn't a statutory holiday, not for us anyway). Enjoy what's left of your Easter weekend!!! - V.

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