Monday, April 5, 2010

more on our prospect

Remember Matt, our aspiring model in the United States? Well, Matt sent me a few more pics of himself to whet our appetite. Just as a refresher, the top photo was in the original post and the first image he sent me. Matt's 19 years old, 6'0" tall, weighs in at 170 pounds, neck is 16 inches, chest 42 inches, waist is 30 inches, shoe size is 10.5 and he's studying finance and design, so he's not only hot but also smart as well! Interests, hobbies and sports include lacrosse, running, weight lifting (obviously), business, law, design, reading, being with friends and family, going to concerts and old movies. He's sounds like an awesome guy to know and have as a friend or part of the family!
Of the more recent photos sent to me, the second one gives us another view of those hot abs and pecs. Below is another image showing a view of his left side with another awesome view of that muscular physique.
And what we see from the back is awesome too. Matt's really been working hard to perfect his physique and its showing! We both must apologize for the clearity of these pics but you'll see better ones once I've taken photos for his model portfolio. Aside from studio work, there are a few interesting venues in the area that I plan to use for photo shoots that will make Matt look really hot and show his physique to its best advantage. We're all stoked with excitement, aren't we Brad! Come back for more soon. Things are moving fast. By the way, if you're a hot guy that's interested in modeling, look us up. We'll add to your portfolio for free! You just need to make a move, like Matt did, and the rest will happen. Have a good night, guys!!! - V.


Rob said...

Holy shit!! Soooo hot! HIs body is perfect!! Love the blog, guys. Rob

SpiritMountainGuy said...

Matt sent me his updated stats today, so I'll update the post to include them. He's in awesome shape!!! - V.