Saturday, April 17, 2010

light rain and drizzle

Yet another weekend is upon us. Today, its a dull day with light rain or drizzle falling. The temperatures are warm enough at 12 degrees Celsius with an expected high of 14 later. As a result, I've opted to remain at home to get things done here such as doing some posts, working on images (photos) taken over the last few weeks and so on. There's no end of things that need to be done. I guess I can get some cleaning done around the apartment, such as washing a few dishes, taking out the garbage and recycle materials, cleaning the bathroom and kitchen and so on.

You've probably heard, read or seen videos about the volcanic eruptions in Iceland the same activitiy that has brought havoc to air travel across northern and central Europe with cancelled flights and such. It shows what effects Earth's natural activities can bring to us mere humans. I've long had an interest in Iceland and other northern areas of the planet.

On a lesser note but still to do with natural activities, I went to Kits Beach (Kitsilano) last Saturday afternoon to see the sailboats washed up on shore by the recent gale force wind storm a couple of days earlier. I fully expected some or all to have been removed but they were still there. The next post will have more details plus lots of photos! - V.

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