Sunday, February 21, 2010

olympic spirit

The crowds at this year's winter olympics in Vancouver (and Whistler) are insane. Sochi World (aka Science World), pictured above, has line-ups so long that it takes up to two hours to enter this Russian exhibit promoting the next winter games in Sochi, Russia one the Black Sea in 2014. The line-up here is short. Friday it was an "S" shape winding around a couple of times. Some venues have waits of four or more hours, so the wait to enter Sochi World seems short. The olympic village is at the top left where you see the flags of the various participants flying. Below is a closer look at the front entrance to the Russian exhibit.

In front of the steps to the Main Street SkyTrain station the crowds are constant. More people come as trains unload. The olympic village and the stadium for the opening and closing ceremonies are nearby adding to the numbers of people entering the area. They're in the same olympic spirit below where the Vancity Centre has mounted a "Go Canada Go" banner above their main entrance. Meantime, its a constant stream throughout the day. More to come later! - V.

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