Saturday, February 6, 2010

early spring?

It would seem that we have an early spring here in southwestern British Columbia, not that our winter has been all that severe so far, and this with the winter olympics less than a week away! I was up on Burnaby Mountain this afternoon. It was sunny, warm and very pleasant for a stroll on the western end of the mountain.

Just after I got off the bus and was waiting for it to pass before crossing the street to head to the western end along the trail, a cyclist (student likely) passed the bus from behind to make a right-hand turn. As he was in the turn, he breaked and had a spill, landing on his right side. I asked if he was okay, and he was. Then he motioned to the bus driver that all was well and got off the street. We both looked to see whether he had any bumps, scratches or scrapes but neither of us found any. I guess any bruises will show up tomorrow. Then he was on his way and I was on mine! I might add that he was just wearing a t-shirt and shorts plus his helmet and runners but I felt somewhat overdressed in a light parka when a sweater or light jacket would have been sufficient in my case! I unzipped my parka and continued on.

So, on the way to the western end of the mountain where the Horizon Restaurant is located, I found signs of the first raspberry flowers in full bloom and some buds open exposing the new leaves. There was more as I approached the restaurant where there are gardens behind the building. Snowdrops were in bloom and daffodils well enough advanced that they'll likely be flowering by next weekend. Heath (Erica) was also in full bloom and so were the early crocuses. On the way down the mountain, the bus passed a sidestreet that had trees in full bloom, most likely in the Prunus family, perhaps flowering plum or some other member of the family related to the cherry tree.

So, with the winter olympic less than a week away, what an interesting scene! I'll have some photos to post as soon as they're ready. Enjoy your Sunday!!! - V.

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